Words of the Wise

From time to time you may have seen me make mention of Derek Bateman, whose broadcasts on Radio Scotland of a Saturday morning were rare highlights of the week, just about the only occasions where our state-funded broadcaster could not be accused of any form of bias.  For Derek was his own man.

And he’s no longer on the wireless, for the Beeb have been cutting back.  In 2012, in the run-up to one of the most important of times in the entire history of our nation, output on news and current affairs was reduced, considerably.  Yes I know you would have expected it to increase, what with debates and referendum specials and the changing face of Scotland.  And I know that people across the country are wanting more information, covering the whole debate.  But it’s not to be allowed, and the opposite has happened.  And now Derek’s off the airwaves.  The two may or may not be connected.

But gone he most certainly is not, for Mr Bateman has joined you all in the blogosphere, unchained from the corpse.  And he’s produced some wit and barbs that just happen to get very close to the bone.  I’ve included a link in the sidebar, but just in case you can’t be bothered moving your mouse, just click here, and have a look at the first few posts from the man the BBC could not tie in corporate knots.  And be warned, a mouthful of coffee at the time of reading may damage your computer.

And as the rain pelts against the windows, remember the sun will be shining again this coming Saturday, as we Fill the Hill.  Be there.




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