A Few Things to Ponder

Firstly this story came to light.  Now did you realise we had allowed our society to stoop so low?

And whilst that is going on we’re still allowing this fiasco to continue.  Those who we entrust to shape our society, and who put in place the sort of facility that allows the above to happen, are still laughing long and hard at our expense.  But let’s not just target one member, for she is not alone.

It strikes me that there may be opportunities to engage those unemployed with sufficient skills and experiences to run the constituency offices of our elected members.  And this may permit the children of our parliamentarians to fill the needed roles with the drug trails.

And I’m wondering what the commercial rate for the jobs in the constituency offices may then be.  This unseemly situation brings to mind a comment from one of our MPs, a senior minister in the previous government no less, perhaps on that vile twitter thing, to the effect that – all businesses have the spouses on the payroll, it’s no different for us.

Well I beg to disagree, for every business owner who decides to share the profits of his venture with the family, by salary, bonus, dividend or whatever, has to ensure that the business has earned the money in the first place; that his or her efforts are measured by the balance on the business account.  And in doing so he has to recognise the compliance burden that applies in the real world, the one that is policed by HMRC.  Whilst parliamentarians pull the public cheque book from the drawer.

It all just puts you in the mood for another wee movie:


And on a lighter note:

Let’s finish with a bit of temptation; a glimpse of what may appear On The Bedside Table in the weeks ahead:



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