We need to talk about

Amazon, and in particular Amazon Logistics.  How do they perform where you are?

For the fourth time in recent months the wonderful Amazon have told me that my parcel has been delivered, handed to the resident no less.  Yet here I am, wondering what’s gone wrong this time.

In days gone by Amazon provided an excellent service.  The postie arrives daily in his little red van, and those cardboard wrapped packages are handed over.  Then they moved to couriers, professional ones.  I am thinking here of Derek, who drove for DPD, and who knew his patch intimately.  He gave a one hour delivery window, an accurate one, tooted his horn on the way past, went along the road to turn, and delivered, on time, always.

Now we are consigned to the mystery that is Amazon Logistics, and those packages disappear, regularly.  Once I had a driver phone for directions.  But these days it is the wonder of the satnav that replaces human contact.

And out here in the boondocks, where each postcode covers 15 properties, some several miles apart, the Amazon Logistics driver is found out.  In goes the postcode, and the screen points out a direction.  But it is usually the wrong one.  For those 15 properties are listed alphabetically, and off our man goes, following instructions, to the house beginning with A.  And it all goes wrong.  This one has a P, and he knows that.

Delivered, k-ching, handed to the resident, named on the website.  And so the process begins again – where’s my parcel – we’ll send another, round in circles.

Occasionally both turn up, and one has to be returned, now at the expense of the customer of course.

The latest delivery success came the following day, via the school bus, after the wrong address sent it to school, to be handed over and brought home by Girl Urchin, oblivious of course to those at Amazon and their Logistics team.

The latest has disappeared, even the school bus cannot solve the problem.

And get this, the solution from Amazon, is to cancel and refund.  We’re not sending any more they say, as they’re unlikely to arrive.  But feel free to re-order….

So there you go, Amazon, having been provided with all the reasons for the delivery failures, despite the information they have of safe arrival, now prefer to look after their current delivery arrangements, and to tell their long-standing customers that they won’t make rural deliveries.

Well guess what Amazon, having cancelled all the open orders in the system, there will be no more.  No longer will I turn a blind eye to the conditions and pressures on the staff in your sheds; no longer will I value the purchasing power of your prices.  You refuse to deliver; I refuse to buy.

If you insist in using unprofessional drivers, who have not the gumption to deliver correctly but instead feed bull back to the Amazon system; if you cannot see that delivery is the prime issue of customer service; if you cannot arrange an alternative delivery through those who have provided a proven and excellent service to you for years, then the buyer will beware.

So how do Amazon do where you are?  Live rurally, off the beaten track?  Don’t leave your online purchases to the whims of Amazon Logistics, their satnavs and their drivers.  And don’t even dream that customer services will come to your rescue.  Another month of the Prime you have already cancelled is not a solution.

Amazon – we won’t deliver


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