Another Book For You

This one though, is different.  It is The Wee Black Book.  Eighteen months ago the people of Scotland decided that remaining as part of the UK was the route to a better future for our children and grandchildren, on the basis of the promises made as voting day drew near.  Today, 24 March 2016, is the day that had been earmarked for Scotland to begin to run her own affairs.  The WBB charts the move from the promises then to the reality now.


In the past 18 months politics in Scotland has been very much off topic on this forum, though thrashed to bits elsewhere.  So for the readers who have been spared the WBB is a quick run through, and it really is an essential read.  It is of course the work of the inimitable Stuart Campbell, of Wings Over Scotland, and you can download it from this link.  Let’s see how it’s all panning out so far shall we.

Elsewhere I see that the citizens of New Zealand have also bottled it, opting not to change their flag.

NZ flag


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