Pride Rocks

As promised, more weddingalia.  On the steps of The Piping Centre in Glasgow, just a few of the very happy, smiling faces.  Sorry about the dark glasses.  Even the sun came out to play.  But it was a very special day.


Only once do we get the chance to witness a first marriage of our offspring.  FirstBorn it was who had us all done up in our finery; nerves shredded; emotions on overdrive.  It was a wedding that marked not just personal progress, but that of an entire nation.  And the gathering loved it too.

The happy couple were jubilant; beaming, endlessly.  Far too spooky that they shared the same birthday, and the same name – the same first name that is.  So here they are:


The ceremony itself was beautifully led by celebrant Helen Singleton from the Humanist Society of Scotland, a body close to my own heart.  The Piping Centre did us proud, chucking us out into the sunshine whilst the function room was rearranged for the feasting.  And it had all been planned and arranged by the boys themselves.

The audience loved it, with laughter and tears, and cheers and tears.  Oh and there were tears.  Even some of the women shed a few.  Joyful, truly joyful.

On a personal level I was thrilled to meet up, after far too long, with many old friends.  I had carried memories this past 20 years or so.  And in my mind those faces were stuck in the 90s, aging not a jot, much like myself you understand.  But here they were, all of a sudden with children of their own, or blossoming with life’s years.

And in the midst of it all there was The Prodigal, back from her travels, and looking terrific.  Oh yes, there were emotions of all sorts, in that hall.  And Girl Urchin is desperate to have her big sister back.

The feasting over, speeches too, it was back out to the sun whilst the room was readied for the music and dancing, as tends to happen at these events.  And amongst all the proud parents and aunties and assorted hingers-oan, there was none so proud as the old father-of-the groom, and I know the father of t’other groom felt exactly the same.

What a fantastically wonderful day; perfect in every way.  Thank you Scotland for letting this happen.  Thank you everyone for the happiness that filled the room.  And huge thanks to those who did all the work in making it so.  Emotions wrecked again, believe me.


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  1. Cool! Looks like you had a wonderful day. Nice one.

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