That’s ma boy

OK we all agree, he has his father’s good looks.  And we know that purely because his mother kept hers of course.  Anyway, for the first time, Boy Urchin, in all his glory, first time in the kilt.  Good eh?


I bring this to you out of sheer pride.  And I break my first golden rule of putting photographs of children on the net.  But here he is.  Jumped at the chance to don the kilt he did, and he’s keen to do it the traditional way, go commando as he would say.  But I’ll have my work cut out to do something with the Horrid Henry Hairdo.

There is a reason for the finery.  A wedding is about to take place.  And I’ll have more to say about that one, more pride, much more, before too long.

So no footy this weekend, other than a twitter feed and a mi-fi box in the sporran.


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