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No, I’m not going to give you my tribute to the outgoing party leader, or a fine welcome to the new one, for there are plenty of those elsewhere, and the links on the sidebar are a good place to start.  Instead let’s look further afield.

First up we have Common Weal’s utterly brilliant and inspirational Robin McAlpine, speaking at a fringe meeting at the SNP conference:

Looking forward to that daily news service coming to my screen.

And have you seen the SNP’s latest Party Political Broadcast?  Yeah I know that’s when we all head for the kitchen and put the kettle on, but watch this one:

At another fringe meeting at the weekend, here we have Craig Murray, who always has something to say, sometimes controversial.  Stirring stuff as usual.  I hear he’s after a nomination for the Westminster election, having just moved to Edinburgh.

On Craig’s left there I see young Mhairi Black, who addressed the George Square gathering a few weeks back.  She spoke to the full conference in one of the debates on Friday.  Remember her name and face, for you’ll be hearing more of this young lass, I’m sure.

One interesting announcement at the weekend was the possibility of non-party members standing at elections.  The Yes Alliance is becoming a real possibility.  Interesting times ahead, more so as we hear of Labour in Scotland lurching from crisis to shambles, and back to crisis again, on a daily basis.  Of which more another day, including the moveable feast that seems to be utterances on Trident.  Should’ve voted Yes, shouldn’t you?

And to finish, some audio – Derek Bateman in discussion with Paul Holleran of the NUJ at the BBC; and then Ivan McKee of Business for Scotland.  Ivan is another who has recently joined the SNP and is considering the best route to continue his massive input of the last couple of years – it could be a Parliamentary route, either 2015 or 2016.  Such are the changes many are now facing.



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