The hare is running

Just as I begin to turn my mind to autumn colours and changing scenes as the bike hurtles along the roads, so I get dragged back to reality; to where we are now; and to where we are going.

Let’s start with a review of the press.  No I’m not going to ask you to read some dry report, double spaced, double sided, laced with figures.  Instead listen to Dr David Patrick explain what went into his report.  It takes 20 minutes or so, but is time well spent:



Press bias, well I never…  And as Dr Patrick mentions in his closing remarks that is already beginning to hit newsprint sales, even harder than they were already.  For just as the press can decide to take whatever stance they choose, so we, the readers, can decide what we want to buy.  They’ve had a fright.

The Daily Record, infamous now for The Vow two days before we voted, are suffering.  And in the letters page of that same outlet, reaching a far smaller audience and ironically now excluding many of those he desperately wants to reach, the founder of Iceland is back-tracking on his pre-referendum boast of price rises in an iScotland.  Mum’s not been going to Iceland, or Asda.  Bank accounts are being shifted to Airdrie Savings Bank.  Caramel wafers are being bought in Aldi, and they don’t have Tunnock’s on the wrapper.

In short people are voting now with their feet and with their wallets.  The movement gains momentum yet; and is looking at the long haul.  Immediately we’ve the Smith Commission to monitor, The Vow to implement, or not.  Whatever those new powers turn out to be will then impact firstly on the Westminster election, now racing up before us, and then on the Holyrood election 12 months later.  It won’t end there, for the very make up of the governments we put in place will dictate the progress thereon.  And let’s not forget the possible EU referendum the following year.

As I type these notes I’m conscious that voting is underway today in two Westminster by-elections, and one could well see the first UKIP MP.  The writing, as they say, is on the wall.

Meanwhile our dear friends at the BBC just can’t stop it.  The anti SNP slant continues.  Just the other day we had Robert Peston, who at times had some interesting things to say as the vote drew closer, was bumping his gums about subsidy junkies, that old canard.  It’s complete bollocks, but there it is again, broadcast to us all.

There’s a fine reply, debunking that myth, from Jim and Margaret Cuthbert.  It’s published over at Bella Caledonia, and well worth a read:

I’ll expect to hear an apology from Peston, a correction from the BBC, and an an end to that myth once and for all, imminently.  Or not.

What was it David Patrick was saying?  And when the time comes again, and it will, the 45% will have grown, and will be wiser, better prepared.  We might even have some media support.

PS and on the subject of The Press, Bateman’s in fine form.

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