Not as nasty as it sounds

I don’t usually indulge in public interest stuff, but indulge me for a moment or two.

Over this past summer I’ve been experimenting, in footwear.  It was prompted by the doc mentioning a nasty word to me, fasciitis.  My immediate reaction was to recoil in horror, but it wasn’t the flesh-eating bug he was referring too.  I’d had some foot pain, and, unlike the agonising shin splints that came at the same time, the foot pain wasn’t going away, so on one of my regular trips to the surgery I mentioned it under the any other business part of the agenda, the important stuff having been dealt with.

Plantar Fasciitis.  It was a new one on me, and so my old chum Mr Google, came up trumps, once again.  There were exercises to relieve pain, the simplest involving the rolling pin which may never be used for pastry or marzipan again (which reminds me of something else to be done).

But it was prevention I sought.  The right footwear was the answer, avoiding the wrong shoes essential.  There are insoles that help, good on the arches, whole foot or partial.  But they render otherwise comfy shoes painful, squashing more under the uppers than designed, especially for shoes that over time have been moulded into shape.

But with a bit of research and bit of trial and error, the solution is apparent.  Fitflop is the answer.  I started with sandals on those long hot days of summer, around the beaches of North Wales and the walls and walkways of innumerable castles; the aisles of bookshops too.  Plenty of time on the feet.

Around the house and office there are slip on mules, for indoor and out, and leather ones for the wet days and the paths to the chicken hut or the bird feeders.

But the real test was in spending a long and hard weekend on the cobbles and the streets, with an ancient European capital to explore.  By then I knew that the unique sole that makes the fitflop brand the one to seek for those of us suffering was the essential source to relief, and a pair of stout shoes for the winter ahead had arrived.  And so I return after a pain free weekend, at least on the soles of the feet.

As always when an ailment strikes, you find that you are not alone.  The remedial wheel has been invented.  And today there are online forums where experiences are shared.  If you are struck by plantar fasciitis, take the advice, do the exercises, but I wouldn’t even bother with the cut-price insoles remedies.  Get the right footwear from the start.  And that means fitflop.  They aren’t cheap, but even if the budget is prohibitive, I would put other things off and get the right shoes.  For as I found out spending weeks on end with constant pain in the soles and with shin splints, is not something to repeat.  And since wearing fitflop shoes I haven’t.

So advert over, and happy to pass that on.  You can browse the range here, and the technology behind it.


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