I’ll be brief.  Here’s a couple of links to new sites to bookmark.

First the changing face of media.  I came across Scotland for Yes recently.  It’s an updating resource with links to articles of interest, with much more beyond.  Put it on the daily reading list.

And then a link to highlights of events of the past couple of years, which really should be available to those that come after us.  Enjoy the memories.  I might spend a bit of time browsing many of the items featured on Documenting Yes.  What a great idea to bring all these together; a marvellous collection of pictures brought to you from National Collective.

Another new resource in this very fast-moving environment is the Scottish Statesman, offering pro-independent News, Comment & OpinionI’ll certainly be having a good look at what’s on offer.  One to watch.

And finally, for the moment, some very encouraging news with Derek Bateman and his colleague Maurice Smith, bringing their huge experience to take the editorial reins at Newsnet Scotland, where Lynda Williamson and the team will remain very much involved.  Onwards everyone, and very much upwards.

PS  If you haven’t already done so make sure that your own representations are made to Lord Smith, who has invited  comments from all interested parties, including you and me, for his Commission to take into account.  The email address is  Every voice counts; make sure yours is heard.



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