Cheer up folks

Some campaign memories, from the inimitable Citizen Smart:


But, as you may have heard, the hare is running; the people remain engaged.  Membership of the SNP has risen by a massive 120% in a few days, overtaken the LibDems, nationally.  The Greens and the Socialists too show huge increases.  The Westminster election is but a few short months away.  Times they remain interesting.

Amongst the gloom, and Scotland continues to be blanketed in sadness wherever you go, I’ve tried to ignore the conspiracy theories, the claims of count irregularities.  But I can’t shake off the sight of smug smiles on unionist faces the moment polling stations closed.  They knew the result; it was ordained.  Three quarters of a million postal votes, even ignoring the late offers, were always fertile ground.

We really must, in these days of technology and security, find a better way to cast our vote and to count our votes.

Anyway I was directed to some very interesting comments.  Have a read.  What is our state capable of?  The Butterfly Rebellion is a new one on me, but with posts like this one I’ll be dropping in now and again:

I was in the company of friends the other day and, though we had business to address, there was only one topic for discussion.  They live most of the year in France.  Friends from their village phoned over the weekend.  The views from abroad are nothing short of astonishing, unable to believe that we could turn down this chance, without bloodshed, to look after ourselves.

My friends are selling their house in Scotland.  They had been intending keeping a base here, a flat in Edinburgh perhaps.  But no more, it’s France and France only for them.  And upwards of £1m will leave this country for good.

The victory, as we know, is of Fear over Hope.  And in the aftermath that’s tactics the victors defendNewsnet Scotland will continue to be the media of choice.  But there will be more.  Things are happening.  I’ll keep you posted.

I listened to the leaders’ speeches at Holyrood yesterday, unable to resist shouting at the car radio at times, as I headed off to the Stirlingshire countryside.  Grace, magnanimity, empathy – all absent.  Lamont and Davidson are not fit to share a platform with our government.  Patrick Harvie had wise words as always.  Labour’s comeuppance is nigh.  Scotland will not forget.

And finally, here’s Wings Over Scotland counting agent Doug Daniel, explaining the processes he witness, and putting bed talk of shenanigans at the count.

And a good summary from Max Keiser, in his own inimitable style:

The best of the recent addresses though, has to be Christine Grahame, in the debating chamber yesterday.  The subject, our pensioners:

So some reading, and some listening.  It goes on.



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