I Need

… to take the day off today, for I have to visit some chums in Glasgow.  Things have to be said.  Tensions are rising; the air is crackling.

The focus of attention is our beloved state-funded broadcaster.  As news breaks of the debacle over the email from HM Treasury and the announcement on the evening news, whilst a certain RBS board meeting remained in session, the vote to be taken, we rise after another evening of appalling standards in reporting the events of the day.

Nationally we’re told of a major rally from across the country; locally we’re told the Naw campaign distance themselves from the Orange Order who are registered with the Electoral Commission as like campaigners on the No cause.  On the BBC website news of that event is on the Northern Ireland pages, and not on the Edinburgh news pages where the men in bowlers and women in their wee white gloves gathered to spew their bile in the same cause as that of the Darling-led motley crew.

But that’s not the issue.  This is the picture the BBC brought you of the Yes activity on the same day:


They chose not to bring you this one, for reasons known only to themselves:


That scene from Buchanan Street was replicated across the country, in Perth and Inverness, and in every town from south to north.  Caledonia was sung spontaneously far and wide.  The Better Together campaigners were invisible, one or two with a wee trestle table here and there, largely ignored by the days shoppers.  In our own wee town they were noticeable by their absence as the cavalcade arrived noisily from the grass-strip airfield after the unveiling of a new standard:


You probably won’t hear much, from the BBC, of events today at Pacific Quay.  But events there will be.  The state-funded broadcaster has become the news.  The world’s media is laughing at the Nick Robinson fiasco earlier in the week.  And the world’s media has their lenses focussed firmly on Scotland.  To catch the news you may have to look elsewhere.  Try RT for a different perspective.

Meantime former BBC journalist Paul Mason, now with Channel 4, is not afraid to speak out, comparing the BBC’s stance with the full propaganda mode of those dark days or Iraq.

Out on the streets there is a clamour to get hands on that Wee Blue Book.  There’s still time.  And if, like me, you need to keep calm, switch off that telly.  There are plenty of sources of information.  The world is happening, on t’internet and social media, like it or not.  And Scotland is knocking at the door.  Munguin’s got some fine views of the streets.

Meanwhile over at Bella Caledonia, Mike Small has a fine summary.



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5 responses to “I Need

  1. Michele

    I did post a comment earlier but it would seem that even your blog is not free from editing!!!
    I do like the BBC, it may not be perfect but try Fox News for two minutes and you will realise how bad things could be.I am discerning enough to realise that not everything I see or hear is necessarily true, and I supect that both sides will find some way of calling foul,
    I caught some of this wonderful programme today. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b04gnhnv

    We are fortunate indeed to live where we do. I had to turn away from the papers this morning,I could have stood and wept. And that had nothing to do with a vote happening here soon.

    • Having got to a proper computer I’ve checked Akismet’s spam filter. There’s nothing gone there (other than 4000 bits of crap).

      I didn’t even glance at the other front pages when picking up my Herald. Seeing and hearing enough of the nonsense online these days. The late night paper reviews by the two big broadcasters is a source of some ridicule it seems.

  2. Hasn’t been any editing at this end. I’ve been enjoying things outside Pacific Quay. Sunday herald today I thought was excellent

  3. Michele

    It may be the fact that I did it from my phone. It never seems to work.
    I am afraid there was rather more important and sadder news on other front pages. But selfishly I really don’t want to think about it.

    Enjoy your last few days of campaigning….my sister was on the Politics Show today , interviewed at the tapestry in Edinburgh.

    • We had a couple of long serving soldiers with some interesting things to say yesterday, but you probably won’t here it on you-know-where.

      And the girl with terminal illness needing a double-lung transplant who climbed the castle rock the night before the Lodge arrived in town, was quite superb, an inspiration.

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