Freek Out

Well that recipe was a huge success.  There’s a big pot of chicken stock in the kitchen, so there should better be some soup later.  And there were enough pickings off the bones to keep all the cats quiet.  I’ve yet to meet a cat that doesn’t view a hot, cooked chicken as some sort of catnip therapy.  Mind you it’s a different story out in the garden, with the feathered ones.

That said those feathered ones have, I hope, had a dirty stop-out; for their bed was empty last night.  One had gone a-wandering on the previous night, to who knows where, returning safely for breakfast and a quick lay in the morning, which is not a bad routine at all.  But both went off yesterday, last seen working over the freshly-cut grass, for the first time in a fortnight.  They may or may not return, but we have plans…

Anyway, the freekeh, that’s what we were going to talk about.  Well we had to make do with bulgar wheat this time round – though I have a freekeh source for next time.  There was a big thumbs up all round and, if it hadn’t been so filling, clean plates.


The freekeh, which is green, cracked wheat, may make a difference – certainly it takes a little longer to cook than bulgar, but I’d be inclined to increase the allspice, coriander and pepper that goes into the wheat.  That’s not to say it was lacking in flavour, but I’ll take a wee bit more.  The chicken itself fell off the bone.  And those toasted almonds, mmm scrummy.

Can we have that again dad?  When are you going to make pistachio soup?

We eat at the kitchen table, with cutlery.  But really a large bowl on the mat, cushions on the floor, and rolling the freekeh into a ball with one hand, would treat this dish with due respect.  For it was an occasion to think of others; others who perhaps were having difficulty sourcing any food in these difficult times.  Remember it comes to you from an Israeli chef and a Palestinian chef, working together, from an old Palestinian recipe.

You’ll enjoy every mouthful.  Spare a thought for the people of Gaza.  One day there may be more Israelis and Palestinians working together.  One day.


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