Not Long Now

… and a long overdue update on some of the things that have been happening of late:

Firstly song time:

Ah, you thought they only did 500 Miles, but there’s more.

So that got you in the mood, now a look at pensions, and the reason why we can both start earlier and pay at a higher rate in Scotland:


For we die sooner.  Life expectancy in some parts is as bad if not worse than some areas of the world we look down on, send aid to.  And that is why we have to grab this opportunity to do our utmost to improve our society.  I have already surpassed average life expectancy in some parts of Glasgow, and I’m going to miss out on £10k of pension for the same contribution, just by being in the wrong place, pies and deep fried mars bars aside.  Why would we want to continue with more of the same?  And remember we’ve still only seen 40% of the promised austerity.

But the single most important item lately is not any debate, not even the endless media feeding frenzy on currency, nor is it the seeming jiggery-pokery over audiences at debates and the ordering of same by the broadcaster and/or the polling company; and it’s not even polling or dubious practices in selecting those to be polled, it’s this:




The Wee Blue Book, coming to you from the one and only Rev Stuart Campbell at Wings Over Scotland.  Packed full of facts, truths and myth-busting stats – the stuff you won’t find in the press.  Downloadable versions of the full booklet for pc and mobile available now from Wings.  Read it.  Share it.  Printed copies out soon.

Meantime we’ve been love-bombed, again.  This time by 200 of the rich & famous, the titled and the gentry.  Why, no one knows.  After all some speak with forked tongue, after uttering some vile stuff about Scotland and the Scots not so long ago.  Why is it they say Let’s Stay Together, and who suggested they sign up?  Perhaps we should send each one the Wee Blue Book, for they seem alarmingly bereft of knowledge, or perhaps they just know what we bring to their table.

And for those of you still to pluck up the courage to get out of the house and attend any of the events currently being held across the country, here’s just one speaker from one local event:

This one was from a Women only meeting, just down the road from here.  They’re a friendly bunch, so there’s nothing to be wary of, whether it’s under the Business for Scotland banner, Women for Indy, local Yes group or even Labour 4 Indy.  You’re all welcome, everywhere.  And you owe it to yourself to go out and find out more, to listen and talk.  But if you can’t get out that Wee Blue Book is fine place to begin.

As an example of what’s going on Yes Clydesdale have Rural Affairs minister Richard Lochhead speaking in Lanark this very night, a gathering for Farmers for Yes, and any other interested parties.  I might go along, but rather than preaching to the already converted my seat would be better occupied by you, if you’re still undecided.  Go on, get out there.

But watch this first, Fantastic:



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