The Food That We Eat

I came across this reflection on our current state of affairs, at Bella Caledonia.  It fair makes you think.

And it took me back to previous discussions on food.  So here’s a timely update on developments over at Maryhill Food Bank, this one from Wings.  Its as much a reflection on media reportage in these parts, as you’ll see.

And if you want to here from Julie Webster at MFB, pop over to Bateman Broadcasting.  Hear more of the harrowing tales from efforts to feed the less fortunate.  And the next time you see a photograph in the local paper of a politician smiling and proud as another food bank opens in your area, oblivious to the policies that brought the need for charity od this type to every community, just remember that both ‘leading’ parties have promised more of the same.

Now to lighten it up, a little bit of satire:

Loved it boys.

This one might make you think:



And remember these guys only do red, white and blue; but only for Scotland:

oh dear___


Let’s go back to Bella again, where there’s a flurry of good articles at the moment.  Every time I hear of some celeb or another getting into a pickle on Twitter I think of Roald Dahl, and his wonderful The Twits.  But here’s a real life Twit, and the views of his brother with whom I couldn’t agree more.  Then you realise this man is at the very heart of The Establishment, from our politics to our broadcast media, still; despite being so obviously a very crass twit.  Dipping into the after-dinner sherry is not an excuse.


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