Happy Days are here again

Let’s start with the cute.  Firstly say hello to:


This is Tina, or Valentina as the paperwork says.  She’s been nurtured back to health after being recovered as a stray, weighing less than a bag of sugar.  Apparently she’s the timid one, prefers to lie curled up in her blankets, but looking for attention and may happily step onto your shoulders.  Hmm, she’s the one exploring; the one you’re likely to find on top of a bookcase, behind the books even.

Then there’s the youngster; Tiggr he’s imaginatively titled.


He too is on the road back to health, recovering from injuries.  And he’s desperate to get to the big outdoors; but he’s a vet to see first, one with a big needle.

They eventually came home, doing as cats do on the journey, so we’ll just leave it at that shall we.  They hadn’t met before so there was a bit of growling and hissing from the back of the car.  Then we let them out, in the kitchen.  They’ll find their own space, eat from the wrong bowls – both are on specific diets at the moment – but there’s likely to be a communal trough.

We’ve had to install a litter tray too, for Jakie used the fields, and the garden.  It looks smells as a litter tray should, so all well so far.

But in all the excitement there was a void, and still I expected to find a black & white pelt crossing the garden, those big eyes waiting at the door.  Joy and sadness.  For we’d never been able to say our farewells; he’d simply gone, and not yet joined the growing pet cemetery across the policies.

We followed them from room to room, nudged them from places we’d rather they didn’t claim, and wondered where they’d settle for the night.

It was a long night.  There was a phone call.  Just as posters were being put up where Jake had gone walkabout, a passer-by had mentioned that there was a picture of the same cat in the local shop.

Jake’s Back!


He’d been wandering into a garden of an evening and a kindly couple had been putting out scraps, so he returned each night.  They had the foresight to put up a picture.  He came back that night, also doing what cats do in cars on the way, and just a few hours after the youngsters were introduced to his home, Jake came in, wondering what was going on, looking none the worse for his weeks of wandering.

So there was a bit of growling and spitting, especially between the two former toms.  But no one’s moving, and now it’s catty chaos.  Just to add to it the stray joined the welcome home party, from the outside window ledge, and there was more hissing through the glass, the girlies this time.

So now there are three and who knows how that will pan out.  Food is rationed, for The Urchins, extra mouths to feed.  And we’re all delighted.

Our grateful thanks firstly to the marvellous staff at the SSPCA at Bothwell Bridge.  We couldn’t choose, so took both, knowing we could cope with two as we hope in the past.  Tina and Tiggr have settled well, and found a new friend.  And what can I say about that couple in East Kilbride.  Well words fail me.  Jake’s out hunting just now, back where he belongs.  Thanks all.  We can cope with three.  No lunch today kids, OK?



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