Not long now

We are approaching the two month point.  The vote will be soon.  There are some interesting things happening.

The NHS is crucial, having been an independent body north of the border since inception back in the 40s.  Labour are on record as wanting to merge the various health services; whilst the tories are intent on creeping privatisation which in turn reduces public spend down south and thus the block grant elsewhere.

A few months ago a surgeon came to town, you may remember her address to a gathering.  That footage has now been viewed over 30,000 times, thanks to the wonders of You Tube.  And what’s more the Daily Record, yes the Daily Record which is virtually the Labour Newsletter, very much unionist supporting, has highlighted Philippa Whitford’s fears for the NHS.  Wow.  Whatever next?

And still on the subject of the party of the red rose, there’s a superb summary of the dilemma of the Labour voter, from Derek Bateman.  As the weeks pass we’ve been seeing a growing number of lifelong Labour representatives, former household names in local and national politics that no longer need answer to the whip, declaring for Yes; realising that the future is best served, by their beloved party, in an independent Scotland.

Yet nationally the whip continues to lash, twisted into nine tails with that of the tories.  And with the funding now explored we see that the No campaign is bankrolled hugely by the landed gentry, by Earls and Viscounts, Lords and Ladies, Gentlemen even – a regular bunch of tory backers from their southern estates.  Now, as a Labour voter, a member even, are you happy to campaign on that basis?

And why is that England’s gentry deems it necessary to pump hundreds of thousands into the campaign to keep the shackles on Scotland?  As every reader of the Daily Mail or The Telegraph knows, we are a lost cause, subsidy junkies, a drain on English society.  So why the funding; what is it the press aren’t telling you that the gentry know?  And that we know too.

And then there’s those fine chaps of the Orange Order.  We saw what they bring to society at the weekend, and that wee lassie’s scars haven’t even formed yet.  They’re planning to march through Edinburgh the week before the vote, 15,000 strong.  I can only see that having one effect to be honest, and there’s evidence around of members of the Order going against their wishes, as well as a hardening of attitudes in opponents.  Yes, say they all, if the OO say No.

Remember who’s all campaigning for the same cause – UKIP/BNP/OO, and the red and blue tories – what a strange bunch of bedfellows.  Oh and the LibDems too, shouldn’t forget. George Galloway and the Grand Master; Jim Murphy and the bowler brigade – all in this together, as they are.

But the finest piece I’ve seen recently comes from the pages of The Independent.  Yes, I know, another southern national daily which is not where we usually turn for positive stories in the debate.  Fortunately Munguin has transcribed the article, which means I don’t need to link to the Indy’s website, and you get some of Munguin’s graphics thrown in.  It’s a good read, the move from No to Yes, in the words of the voters, the ordinary people.  And out on the streets we know they’re not alone.

I suspect the campaigns know too.  For Westminster has spent £300,000 on polling – that’s your money, and mine – and won’t release the results, except perhaps to the Board of Better Together, or Project Fear, or No Thanks, or whatever title it is they’re using this week.  Your money.  Want to know what they learned, what it was you paid for?

So, what are we to make of it all.  The Daily Record, the Indy and the OO?  It only means one thing. Yes.

Prefer listening to reading?  Here’s Stephen Paton again, with some more recent comings and goings:


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