Two Things

That’s what you need handy this morning folks.

The first is a tissue, for you’re about to watch a movie.  Sit back, watch, and weep…

Now is that happening at a food bank near you too?  Happy with that are we?

And remember we’ve not yet felt the force of even half of the promised austerity cuts.  But wait a minute, I hear you say, there’s a General Election in less than 10 months.  Things, can only get better (they used to say), can’t they?  Well no actually, they won’t.  For whoever gets the keys to the big houses has promised more of the same.  It’s a sort of my bum deal’s better than your bum deal competition, in this Big Society, One Nation world we have to suffer.

Fortunately, in these parts, there is a way out, a chance to re-shape our broken society and to build a better future.  That will take time, and until it happens there are going to be more tearful tales from the food bank as the UK heads inexorably up the ladder of the most unequal societies in the developed world.

What to do, what to do, what to do.

Well I knew that Mark was getting on his bike again and raising funds for some of the Yes groups throughout Scotland.  We can help him reach his goal through the wonder of crowd funding.  He’s promised that any excess he raises will go directly to Julie’s efforts to feed the starving.  So what I’m going to do is to lob some change into both tins, making sure the food bank gets some help now, today, before Mark’s efforts are rewarded and distributed.

Did you ever hear the like?  Looking through the cans on the shelf for one with a ring pull, to feed cold beans straight from the cans with the fingers, to weans that haven’t eaten and couldn’t access emergency services over a holiday weekend.  Aye Big Society right enough.

So put the tissues down, and get your bank card out.  You won’t miss that tenner, and you know Julie can make it work better.

Mark’s campaign can be funded here.

And direct to the food bank in Maryhill here.

As always I’m grateful to Rev Stu at Wings for highlighting issues such as these, crowd funded of course, with a tenner here and a fiver there.  There’s another successful crowd funded project, with a full length film from those fine chaps at Rough Justice Films, coming to a hall near you soon.

And just to finish it off, here’s what the No Thanks campaign’s latest recruits have been up to.


That girl is 12 years old, out for a day in the sun.  Then the men in the bowlers and the pinnies came by with their big drum and their thuggery.  No Thanks.

Proud to share a platform are we?


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