Wee Duggy Dug’s been out for a walk

A midsummer nightmare more like

Ah, The Best of Both Worlds:
Did Better Together really believe that in the referendum there was nothing to discuss? Did they really believe everything would continue as before, even if they won? Did they really believe post-Credit Crunch, post-bank failures, post-Iraq, post-phone-hacking, post-Lawrence, post-Saville, post-Hillsborough, post-misselling, post-mutual-fund elimination, post-tax-avoidance, post-£1.4 Trillion debt, post-UKIP, post-pay-day-loans of 4,000% APR, post-austerity cuts, post-property-bubble, post-spare-room tax, post-zero-hour contracts, post-Plebgate, post-MPs expenses: that the UK, the Union is the best of all possible worlds, the best of both worlds, or least probable of all –the best that life could offer, or the fairest our society could aspire to be?

That paragraph came from a fine article over at Bella Caledonia. Read the full piece, and then see what else there is on Bella’s pages.  They’ve a fine series under way right now, the views of the English, resident in Scotland, and voting Yes.

And whilst we’re catching up on matters here’s a view of Scotland from a distance, as far away as possible actually, from New Zealand – fine piece put up on Wings.  Ah, New Zealand, the place where my distant cousins went in the 1850s, escaping the problems we had then; the place now heavily represented on the family tree.  They seem to have done all right as a wee country.

And as stonking articles go they don’t come much better than this one from the Wee Ginger Dug.  If you’ve missed it there’s a wee crowd funder under way for WGD’s partner at the moment, after some huge support from Stu Campbell’s regulars at Wings.  If you haven’t already done so, do help them if you can; delighted I did.  A wee nudge should see it over the line.

You know what you have to do:



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