Number Crunching

Firstly another five minute movie for you. You know you can spare a few, and it’s very worthwhile.

The man in question is John Jappy. Having penned a few articles for some of the political blogs he’s now set up his own outlet – Scotland Own Two Feet, bookmark it now, or follow if you’re the following kind.

John Jappy, in his previous life, may well have had an interest in these two chaps, though no doubt he’d have treated them both alike:


And whilst John’s going through the numbers of the past let’s have a look at some more recent figures. It’s those folks over at Vote No Borders under the spotlight again. Craig Murray’s been doing a bit of googling.

Just a pity that the BBC’s squads of investigative journalists couldn’t spend a couple of minutes doing the same before adding more of our money to VNB’s publicity stunts.

One of the comments I come often come across when blethering about our future is a certain antipathy, or loathing even, towards our First Minister and his Deputy, if not both.  But of course electing a government is something we’re not doing this year.  We’re getting the powers to re-shape our society, to pave the way for a better future.


And in May 2016 we set about electing the first government of an independent Scotland, voting for the candidates and the party of your choosing and knowing the powers that will be available.  The likelihood is that we’ll elect a coalition government, with the leading parties deciding who holds the top posts.  A majority administration probably will not happen again – remember it wasn’t supposed to be possible with our hybrid FPTP and PR voting system.

But thankfully it did, otherwise the collective naysayers would have continued to deny us the right to have our say at all, as they did when the previous session was administered in minority.  So the vote in four months time is a one off opportunity to say definitively whether we believe Scotland should or shouldn’t be an independent country.  Remember that the other parties didn’t want you to have the opportunity to express an opinion, which is why collectively we railed against them and broke the voting system, electing a government in majority that could give us that right.


It’s future powers that we need at the moment, definitive ones, total ones, not hope that we might be ‘granted’ something that remains unspecified and that can be changed as easily as the occupant of the No 10.  They tried that in 1979, and of new powers there came precisely none.  Don’t make that mistake again.  The office bearers don’t come into it.  Remember that please.

Oh before you go, let’s finish off with another truth exposed by Mr Jappy, a scary one this time, beyond the finacials.



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