I make no apologies

… for returning once again to referendum matters.  With a little over four months to go before we all make our final decisions, it’s a reasonable time to compare and contrast the campaigns thus far.  The following short film does just that:

And that really mirrors what I have been finding in discussions; discussions through day to day life as well as on those rare occasions I have been able to free up time away from family commitments to join the campaign trail.

We’re now seeing people turn their attention to life after, to what happens from 19th September.  There are announcements imminent of those invited to join the negotiating team, from all sides; and proposals to heal our fractured society as the debate divides.  But this excellent article from Newsnet Scotland gives a much better picture of what lies in store, and what needs to be fixed.  I whole-heartedly agree.

We’re at a time too where campaign funding is scrutinised, shortly before the regulated period begins at the end of this month.  We’ve had the nonsense over the CBI’s campaign strategy, and the continuing furore over the role of CBI member, the BBC.

On funding Rev Stu gave us a superb summary of the grassroots impact beyond the official campaigns, all those hundreds of thousands raised through crowdfunding for various causes.  Note also the not-totally-tongue-in-cheek and astute Doug Daniel commenting on the funding we all are forced to give the No campaign – the BBC license fee.

But there’s a long way to go.  Last week I had grand blether with a friend, firmly in the No camp.  He recounted tales of naval service, India pre-partition, British not Scottish.  But it’s not about our identity, it’s about how to better shape our society for our future generations.  It matters not that Jim may detest both Mr Salmond and Ms Sturgeon, for we’re not voting in a government; and in 2016 when we do we’re not going to have the freak result that gave us a majority in parliament that evolved last time and paved the way for the opportunity we have now.

And of course in Bombay in 1947 what may have been grand in the last days of the Raj was the start of a new dawn, and both India and Pakistan were ‘granted’ then what we seek for Scotland today – the right to manage their own affairs and shape their societies in the direction they wished rather than the one Westminster required.  Scottish or British does not come into it; neither does fondness, or otherwise, for any one politician or other.

We can, and must do better.  The prize, as the Sunday Herald put it, is a better country.  It’s as simple as that.


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