For those of you

who haven’t yet tuned in to the various sources of information and news on the links aside, here’s a couple of recent articles that may be of interest.  I’ve deliberately kept posts of this type to a minimum of late.

Also absent for some time have been a few of those pictures that Munguin puts up on slow Sundays, so I’ve broken the narrative with some recent gems.


With Rev Stu’s audience soaring and the BBC being CBId there shouldn’t be any need for me to add more, but, here we go…

First up is that bit of chit-chat between Blair’s former spin guru and our FM, and reference to a certain Mr Putin.  Here’s the full interview with GQ magazine presented for you at Wings Over Scotland.  As always the comments from Stu’s readers, Below The Line, add to the experience.  Now tell me, was the media storm justified?


Next up is Lesley Riddoch, with her latest article at Newsnet Scotland, tearing her hair out at the quality of debate put forward by the BBC.  Remember, if you haven’t already done so, to read her Blossom.


And finally, as someone once said, here’s how National Collective responded to that report from Gavin Esler on the Vote No Borders, grassroots campaigning, take on things.



Just another day closer to September 18th.

PS  And one very interesting piece I meant to include was Jon Snow’s recent blog at Channel 4.  It’s well worth a read, and an interesting fresh insight.



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