Found in Translation

We’ve been going a bit high-brow again, works in foreign language.  And this time we’ve aimed much higher than Nordic drama with subtitles; higher even than those books of, say, Sylvain Tesson or Jean-Paul Kauffman of late.  The bar is set almost as high as for the current work on The Bedside Table, from a Polish author, in translation.

Now if I mention the names Jean Yves Ferri and Didier Conrad they may not mean much.  But if I cast my mind back around 40 years or so, when I last delved into this series, and throw in the names of Rene Goscinny and Albert Uderzo it might begin to jangle a few memory bells.

Oh yes it is, it’s Asterix, back again.  And he’s been on a journey, so it might just be classed as travel writing.  From Roman-ruled Gaul he heads across the water, and into The Badlands, Old Scotia even.  For it’s Asterix and The Picts, and it’s great.

Here’s a view of just one page:


There’s puffins and grouse and Nessie and much more beyond.  And it’s pretty astute too, in current events.  Hugely enjoyable, and of course For The Children, part of my duties you understand.  Part of yours too if I may say.


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