It’s your license fee


That got your attention, whodathunkit?

It’s no surprise to some of us that the BBC in Scotland find themselves in the eye of the referendum storm.  They’ve just published their own guidelines for that part of the campaign leading up to the vote where they have to be absolutely impartial, as if they didn’t have to be at all times.


Never mind that frightening prospect.

Of late we’ve seen McQuarrie and Boothman, BBC Scotland’s finest decision makers, summonsed to Holyrood to answer questions from the relevant committee.  It was a session I watched live, following the one with Prof Robertson of UWS who was speaking to his report; the one that confirmed bias in the output of our state-funded impartial broadcaster.

But the BBC’s heid-bummers were squirmingly awful in defending the indefensible.  And the fall out continues.  Now we find that Sunday morning’s Headlines programme on the wireless is to be axed, seemingly not biased enough for the overlords – Ken MacDonald, as successor to the departed Derek Bateman at that particular helm, was, in reviewing what had been in the media that week, prone to including the web in his review, and that of course is where the Yes campaign has it’s audience, the same audience largely ignored by the broadcast and newsprint media.  So Headlines has to go.

Bateman’s off the air, MacDonald has his show closed, Isobel Fraser is off our screens after her Ian Davidson spat.  The BBC Trust has slapped wrists after the appalling take on the Irish foreign minister’s comments; the UWS report is damning, and not reported by the BBC; the bosses are grilled in parliamentary committee.  And now there’s Andrew Marr.

I didn’t see the interview with the FM yesterday, listening to Headlines at the same time as I was, but have seen the footage.  And David Miller, another gone after one fine interview.  But I digress.  The flawed Barrosso analysis on the EU membership is at the heart of the current stooshiet, part it seems of the retiring Barrosso’s aim of getting the nod from Cameron for his Nato pitch, and Marr is happy to take it all as read, without question, Scotland akin to Kosovo, Barrosso says so.  But there’s more to it than that, much more.

And don’t just take my word for it, others do it all so much better; so here’s some current reading on the subject.  Firstly Newsnet, and the Marr’s Attack.  Then the said Dr Bateman, always trying hard to look towards incompetent management of reducing resources rather than a deliberate policy outlook, and always a fine read.  But it’s best to lighten it up a bit with this summary.

And as PS to all that, a fine piece from Lesley Riddoch today on the same subject

And talking of lightening it up, let’s have a look at the blue tories Scottish conference, Rev Stu of course, in fine form, though I preferred this withering summary of the written press recently.  And finally, a few snapshots, from Munguin and others, to brighten up a very dull day:






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