They’ve done it again

Having enticed me back to the ancestral turf last year with a gathering of the great and the good, those good folk of the East Neuk Festival have assembled another rich list for this year’s Littoral.  And I haven’t even considered the jazz on offer yet.

After last year’s fun I had been considering a possible weekend break.  It may still happen; but it looks like I need to be there on two Saturdays, and a week away before the summer break is just a bit too self indulgent, nay impossible.

Artemis Cooper will be there, giving us a portrait of PLF, from her biography of the man himself and all his tales of derring-do and princesses.  And of course in addition to her own narrative we’ve recently had the final volume from Paddy, with others, posthumously, in The Broken Road.  Unmissable, I’m thinking.

And the following Saturday we’ve got both Tim Dee, he of The Running Sky and more recently Four Fields, as well as Robert Macfarlane, individually and together.  I’ve not read Four Fields yet, despite reviews which suggest it can’t be ignored.  But I’ve covered a fair bit from the man who gets his name on more book covers than most, with endorsements and introductions.

Robert Macfarlane writes some beautiful stuff, and riles some others.  The Wild Places and The Old Ways spawned much interest and activity in the nature genre.  Holloways I haven’t looked at, yet.  For good measure he also sits as chair of the Man Booker judging panel.  And he’s speaking at Kilrenny Church in the grounds of which lie some of my ancestral bones.  Do I really have to go to church on a Sunday morning?  Someone might see.

And if I get the planning right there will be smiles on other faces.  The music programme needs to be examined, Schubertiad this year, whilst there are events on the themes of Family and Food as well.  With story-telling from the Isle of May where there are puffins and magic, The Urchins could stay at Crail Church for what could be a very messy painting session as a seascape mural is destined to take shape.

Oh bugger, I’ve just seem some of the jazz sessions.  Now where do I find that booking office, and the credit card?  Looks like we’re heading back to Fife in July.


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