Another Busy Week

Leaving aside that frenetic and euphoric crowd-funder, it’s been another week of media frenzy; and true to form it needs to be disseminated.

You might be forgiven for thinking that, in these parts, we’re on a quest to secure a better life, dis-satisfied with the standard life, but it’s Standard Life in the news this week.  Here’s Rev Stu with a summary of how it was all reported in our press.

Indeed that continues yet, mis-reporting.  As I see it SL have simply included in their Annual Report – we’re into formalities of Companies House obligations here, and accounting requirements – a statement of an issue that affects their strategy.  And I read it as more of a statement to Westminster to sort out; a request, nay demand, for stability, for currency union.  Just what the Scottish Government has been demanding, Westminster refusing.  Clarity will come, but not until 19 September, for that’s when Scotland’s Tories have said they will be making those same demands.

Business for Scotland have an excellent article, de-bunking the media’s myths on the Standard Life statement.  Now read that; contrast and compare to those headlines in the Wings article, the features in your morning paper, the bulletins on the radio.  Happier now?  Thought so.

And Derek Bateman’s on the case too, not pulling his punches on the role of our state-funded broadcaster, amongst other things.  It’s a fine read.  So too Craig Murray – (I’m going to read his Murder in Samarkand soon).

So again, we note the dire newsprint circulation figures; we despair at the stance of the BBC; and we wonder why people rely on the old media in this modern age.  As mentioned the other day the internet is where it’s at.  We need facts, is the common refrain, information.  Well it’s out there, but you have to look for it.  If you wait to be spoon fed from your morning paper habit – that’s all it is, the crossword, Sudoku, TV listings and all over a cup of coffee – habit; if you listen to the news on the box, it’s all skewed, untrustworthy.

More facts, information – go seek.  Open your mind.

And there’s a couple of other points of interest.  Curling again.  I see that we’re to get a National Centre, in Stirling.  Fantastic news.  But catch the bit, BBC again, that says our curling medal winners were ‘predominantly’ from Scotland.  Eh?

And weather maps.  How do you view them?  Tilted, stilted, biased.  Oh, that’ll be the BBC then.  I enjoyed this piece over at Bella.  Start from the northern point of the country and head south.  Stop.  Where are you?  Still in Scotland chummy, that’s where.  Can you believe that, after nearly a decade of those maps?

Oh and iScotland’s AAA credit rating, the one Darling said we couldn’t get just he was losing the UKs.  Oh yes we can.  Here’s Newsnet.

So that’s a quick romp through a few recent issues.  I think you’ll agree, t’internet’s the place.  I know there’s a number of links for the interested, but some eyes have still to be opened.  Go on, you know you want to.

That’s probably enough for now.  I’ll spare you another performance from that labour wumman at FMQs.  I’m not even going to mention it.  Oh OK, if you’ve got this far


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