Wee Things

Now just to get you in the mood, a wee bit of music, from Andre Rieu, Forever Vienna.  Oh yes, we do culture here:

On the Independence front it has been anything but quiet of late, though my energies have largely been on other things.  So for a brilliant summary of recent events there’s no better place than Business for Scotland.

That takes care of currency issues and the various interpretations of what the Governor of the Bank of England did or didn’t say.  Ten things that have all the polls moving, in the same direction, at the right time.  And it mentions those wee things.

There’s nothing smaller it seems than the mindset and aspiration of Labour’s Scottish representatives these days.  Wee Things.  That’s a phrase that’s going to come back and haunt in the next few months.  I see Bella Caledonia speculating about leadership.  Leave her in place, please.  The polls move every time Labour’s Scottish leader speaks.

There’s one other matter rumbling along, growing legs, and like most things damaging to the unionist position largely ignored by the media. It is of course the one about the media, the university report on bias at our broadcasters, following a detailed 12 month review.  The BBC don’t like it.  Their response is quite astonishing.  And of course they’ve done everything except report it.  They don’t want you to know.

And remember it was only the early evening news programme.  Now if the UWS could turn their attention to Radio Scotland, or Newsnight Scotland; Scotland Tonight even, then under the carpet it could not be swept.  Perhaps we could crowd-fund and commission a review for the next three months.  But they know we’re watching.  Will things change?

Both Newsnet Scotland and Derek Bateman are the places to keep up to date with that one.

It looks as though the pre-referendum March & Rally may not be happening.  That could change though.  There is undoubtedly a demand, and there’s always crowd-funding.  We shall see.

We’ll end with another wee tune:


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