You’ll have had your haggis

Still recovering from the Burns’ Supper?  Or just a wee plate wi’ neeps & tatties at hame wi’ the weans?  Anyway there’s a fine bit of doggerel out there, in the style of the bard, but quite up to date.  There’s been much discussion of late over whether Rabbie would be an Aye or a Naw, but it disnae maiter, for he hasnae a vote.

Any way this brilliant piece deserves a posting all of it’s own.

But we can’t mention Burns without having an Immortal Memory.  So here’s a terrific one, transcript only I’m afraid, but if I come across a video I’ll be sure to let you know.



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3 responses to “You’ll have had your haggis

  1. You’d be proud of us – we had a haggis neaps and tatties supper in the yellow caravan complete with a googled address to the haggis we watched on Rob’s phone because we didn’t know what to say. Then we drank a bottle of whisky and wrote poems by candlelight. Aye.

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