A few words from…

Alan Bissett.  Three minutes, you can afford that.

A message to bear in mind, and words to spread.

At the same time we get a release of Cabinet papers from 30 years ago, as we do at this time of year.  I’ll leave aside matters of pit closures etc and concentrate on Maggie’s strategy for Scotland.

We learn now of an apparent 30% over-provision in the block grant for Scotland, and the horror that Scotland was thus in danger of closing the wealth gap on England, as a result of this and of oil production.  We can’t possibly allow that can we…

Now, 30 years later, we again have blue tories in Downing Street and the same respect for Scotland’s interests.  Back then at least we had a Secretary of State for Scotland, doing his best to fend off the advances of his Cabinet colleagues.  Now however the current incumbent is very much the opposite, Westminster’s man in Scotland.  And he not even a tory, well a slightly orange one perhaps.

Today though we even have the Opposition, the red tories, in the person of the fragrant Magrit, Shadow SofS, campaigning against the block grant, backing calls to review and potentially scrap the Barnett Formula.  For we can’t have that wealth gap closing further can we.  Keep those insolent Jocks in their place; so speak the forked tongues of Westminster in one voice, one nation.

Further reading on the released papers here.

It makes you wonder why they didn’t block the release of such papers, just as they continue to block the McCrone Report.  Presumably they didn’t think it mattered, as the PM gives his weasel words to the press.  Or just didn’t think.  Stick with us Scotland, we know what’s best for you.

Listen again to Alan Bissett.


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