We haven’t talked about

…… the BBC for a wee while.

But a couple of things this week bring them right back to the fore, so far as the Independence debate goes.

I caught an article the other night; as always it’s the headline that takes your attention.  It was about a report by Fitch, the credit ratings folk, confirming the whole currency issue as being neutral.  It turns out that Fitch’s report was a year old, used by the BBC again for reasons known only to them.

But when I looked at it again within the hour, it came with a new screaming headline, one of the usual BBC ploys taking another pop at those of us who seek change next year.  I mentioned it elsewhere at the time.  Fortunately we have better people than me to pin all the evidence together; to articulate and expand on what simply rankles and has me spitting.

So, over to Newsnet Scotland, and the very mighty pen of G A Ponsonby.  Go on, see what he has to say, on that particular one and more.  It’s a truly appalling situation, and a failure of the duty of impartiality that comes with state funding.

Newsnet have had some good news on the BBC front as well this week.  For 11 months they have been pursuing the state-funded broadcaster on one specific issue, and finally the BBC Trust have agreed that BBC Scotland got it all wrong.  No doubt there will be no public apology, and no comment in any of the written press.  So again, head over to Newsnet for the whole story.

This was an interview with Irish Foreign Minister, Linda Creighton.  I can’t believe that was as long ago as January, but time flies when you get old.  It was all to do with the tactics of iScotland’s possible place in the EU.  Creighton clearly agreed with the Scottish Government, in terms of negotiating from within, as an existing member, but the BBC managed to spin it the other way, stating that Ireland agreed with Westminster’s then Scottish Secretary that this would not be the case and thus Scotland’s position was dodgy, as the BBC wanted it to be.

So they misrepresented a direct quote from a foreign minister, and used it to mislead the people of Scotland as doing so served their own means; and then ignored Ms Creighton’s correction of their errors.

They, the BBC in Scotland, have been held to task, by their superiors.  But is the BBC Trust on their case from now on, and can we expect standards to improve?  Lip service I suspect.  It’s a good article, and the promise of a more detailed report in the next few days.  Go back and have a look at that when it is published.  I know I will.

It’s a timely reminder that we need outlets like Newsnet.  As it happens they have a fund-raiser under way, as do Bella Caledonia, at the moment.  So if you haven’t already done so, and if there’s a spare shilling under the orange at the foot of the stocking next week, you could do worse than support these outlets.  Last week The Herald had a sneering gloat that the Yes Scotland crowd-funder was looking like missing the target, with a week to go.  I’ll expect a congratulatory message this week after the target was achieved with time to spare.  Let’s do our bit for Newsnet and Bella too.


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