On St Andrews Day

…. two stories broke as we rose to face the new dawn.

The first was tragedy, the chopper crash in the centre of Glasgow.  I had to make sure that FirstBorn had not been out on the town that night – he had, but crossed the river by a different bridge, thankfully; then the whole tragic episode began to unfold, on the radio and on our screens.  I had a post ready to publish this morning, but have held it back for another day.  There are more important things.

The other story is one that may not see the light of day, and probably wouldn’t have anyway even without last night’s tragedy.  But those eagle eyes that are the readers at Wings Over Scotland, found this one, thereby guaranteeing at least 100,000 readers, plus both of you.


In the aftermath of the White Paper, and debates and so forth those wise men over at Bitter Th’gither have issued a cracker.  It may get withdrawn.  At the time of writing there have been, I am told, 600 comments on their faceache page.

As always they attack the Yes campaign.  It is not unknown for their bulletins, flyers, press releases etc to be substantially inaccurate, economical with the truth some may say.  But this latest one takes the biscuit.

They have set out to shred the financial forecasts, awarding an F-minus, after ‘we do the maths’.  But they’re doing the wrong maths, presenting figures from the White Paper as if they were projections for an i-future.  But the figures are indeed projections based on the current constitutional arrangement, and clearly stated to be so – the reality of the union years, 35 or so of my voting years of blue/red/blue tories, illegal wars, burst banks, shredded economy, austerity and cuts, cuts, cuts – to the taxes of the rich and the benefits of the poor as the create this 4th most unequal society in the developed world.  So Better Together are trashing their own record.

F-minus for the union.  Better Together say it to be so.  And you and I know that we can and will do better.  Thanks for the reminder BT; keep those press releases coming.  And, as always, we rely on Rev Stu checking the detail, analysing, and keeping us all in the loop.  Good man.

Wonderful thing t’internet; howlers live on for ever, and mine do too of course.  They can be removed, but the archive remains.

And finally, here’s to our friends at:


Pretty good St Andrews Day graphic is it not?  Meanwhile thoughts turn again to events around the Clutha, and those caught up in it. I finish these notes having heard that eight fatalities have just been announced. There may be more to follow, as I fear carnage may lie beneath the helicopter once they eventually get it moved.

So in the light of that nothing else of any importance really matters today; not Better Together, not the ‘Lok shipping three league points; not even Girl Urchin’s amdram show that means we have to miss an annual ceilidh. It’s a terrible tragedy.

Meanwhile, at the British Embassies…..


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