As Ithers See Us

The sad thing about this is, well draw your own conclusions:

And they wonder why. Let’s not even talk about failed Apprentice Katie Hopkins, forging ahead as a rent-a-gob meeja celeb type.

But for some light relief, here’s Elmer Fudd, remember him, in full flow:

And Labour wanted him as FM.  And then they gave us JoLa.

Here’s a prime example of what labour serve up as ‘witless bench fodder’, one Forrest McGump:

Let’s finish off with a bit of nostalgia.  #when you go will you send back….


Now did you see last night’s debate with the newly appointed Secretary of State – well they wanted a Big Bruiser?  Did you watch through horror-show-fingers?  My Goodness. And they’re both back on screen tonight, on Question Time. Mr Carmichael will be delighted it’s a different format; and that Labour’s Magrit Curran will be there to take the flak.


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