Seventy Five Years

For no particular reason, of which I was conscious, I found myself looking at a picture that hangs on the office wall.  It is of a statue, outside a railway station.  Danzig it once was, before it was wrecked, Gdansk today.

12-oct-2010 038

Then I heard an interview on the radio.  At a railway station, perhaps near you, there will be performances over the next three weeks.  The first is in Glasgow, on 12 November, today.  It will be repeated in another eight cities, before arriving at Liverpool St Station on 2 December.

The performance marks the 75th anniversary of the Kindertransport, of which the statues from Gdansk, Departure, to Liverpool St, Arrival, are concerned.  Suitcase put on similar performances five years ago.  This time round the costs were crowd-funded.  I wish I’d known about for I’d have chipped in too.

I wrote about those same statues a while back, and other matters around the same subject.  And I look again at Meisler’s Departure, in bronze.  Remembrance, again, which the Queen of Hearts touched upon.  I’m tempted to take a trip into Glasgow for one of the three performances today.


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  1. Interesting. I’ll see if they’re coming to Liverpool or somewhere close.

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