I have a treat for you today

It is in the form of a Guest Post; and it comes from one known to some of you who contribute to the comments, none other than the Queen of Hearts herself.  She kindly contributed the following:

We’ve all seen them, those books and articles about the 1,001 places to see before you die, the 100 best books etc.  The reality of it is how many of us are financially in a position to achieve a fraction of the former and as for the latter indeed it is a matter of personal taste.  Though of course some books should never see the light of day; but don’t get me started on that particular soapbox.

Enough, I am going to save you all a great deal of time and effort and distil it all down to one beautiful little book, a book perfect in its construction and presentation,

The Snow Goose, by Paul Gallico, is 47 pages of bliss.  This is the book for my desert island, the one book I would save from the flames.  It has a special place in my heart and has done since I was a small child of eight and watched the wonderful film with the main roles taken by Richard Harris and Jenny Agutter.  How I wept and hid in the darkness of our home in Thurso and my father came to find me, yet didn’t laugh at my distress but comforted me.

Sometime later I received that most perfect of presents, this small book, and it is one I return to again and again.


In this time of remembrance it is apposite that one should reach for this.  In it you travel to those places we have loved, and are with those people we have loved and have loved us.

What need have I of a thousand places to go or a thousand books; I have this book, and with it my memories.

I have no need of more.

My thanks indeed to our friend for sharing that with us.  Another one for The Bedside Table I reckon; and one not to be confused with this other snow goose, which may yet appear another day.


So Guest Posts, that was a cracking start, a feature I’d like to continue.  But this one was specifically to mark the 500th Wittering on these Pages.  And in the words of the song, # and I will write 500 more…..  And you can join in too.  Indeed we may well see a Queen of Hearts blog, one day.  I hope so.



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3 responses to “I have a treat for you today

  1. Oh no! You’ve got me singing THAT song now, it’s in my head. Great idea to have a guest post.

  2. I meant to add, what a lovely post. Another book for my wish list. Thanks.

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