You’ll have noticed

…. it’s that time of the year again.  The time when appearing on television makes it compulsory to be seen wearing a poppy.  Remembrance.

And like me you may have noticed, more so now than ever before, the occasional white poppy appearing on the streets, though not on our screens.  In fact a batch of white poppies have just arrived through the door here at Grasshopper Towers, and I’m proud to wear one for the next wee while.


These are the Poppies of Peace.  They come from the Peace Pledge Union.  And I’ve been looking a bit closer at their campaign.  I like what I find.

Under a sub-heading of War is a Crime Against Humanity, PPU have built up a number of education resources on war and killing; and of peace.

Yes we must remember those who have fallen in service.  But we must remember that they died, and learn from that.  Which might be better than sending more off to die, or be maimed, on highly dubious quests.

And, as it happens, the latest newsletter from the best wee school there is confirms, amongst a host of other things, a stock of the traditional red poppies, from the Haig Fund, for the children, should they wish to make a contribution.  So I’ll be having a chat with The Urchins, and they’ll be sporting the white ones.  The school just might be able to build a lesson, which is the best place for peace to begin.  They’re like that at our school; engaged; willing.  For it is today’s youngsters that shape tomorrow’s society.

In fact if we have a look at PPU’s Education Resources, we might find that it’s more than just the kids that could benefit from lessons.  There something for us all, especially us older ones, steeped in tradition.

The white poppy has been around, on Armistice Day, for 80 years now, a symbol of our inability to settle conflicts without resorting to killing.  But little seems to have changed.  Men, and women too, die yet, needlessly.  And I think it’s long overdue that we do our utmost to end the carnage.

So for those reasons, and many more, I’ll fund the peace process from now on, rather than the British Legion.  Some things should never be forgotten.


Educating for Peace – You Know it Makes Sense



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2 responses to “You’ll have noticed

  1. Michele

    I think you will find Keith that many schools are engaged and willing and not just what you deem the best wee school around. Most certainly it is a good school and one I have been delighted to have been involved with but I suggest there are many other great wee schools and even big ones.

    With regards to the poppy I am not a constant wearer of the same as I feel the plethora of poppies of whatever hue is paraded across our screens in a particularly insincere manner. May i refer you to this article:

    I think tolerance is maybe the first lesson we need to learn and at home.
    Psst,,,,,the teachers have enough to do…..please give them a break.

    • It’s certainly the best one available to me, though I have no doubt that others operate to the same standard. I don’t think I asked the staff to do anything they’re not doing, and indeed the heidie also sports the white, and may stock both hues next year.

      Anyway Fisk is absolutely right, and for all the reasons he states, and the compulsory visible poppy on screen, I too have changed my remembrance, as stated.

      Maybe I didn’t explain myself, or maybe…..

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