Your name in print

A package arrived the other day, a book, obviously.  It was that sort of packaging; but it wasn’t emblazoned with the name of our favourite e-tailer.  A mystery then.  And then that light bulb above the head burst into action.  I’d half thought it might make a festive gift.  But I’m a generous sort, have it now, go on.  For it’s not often you see your name in print, published print that is.

Now I know that Book Week Scotland is not far away.  But it’s not that, for my entry for the Treasures project failed to make the final, or indeed any, cut this year.  It was a nice wee tale, or so I thought, and I’ve posted it over on the Writings page, last one of the list, Are You Sitting Comfortably?  And I’m looking forward to more from BWS soon.

Anyway, the package.  Ah yes, Smart Tart;  that’s the title, not the recipient of my largesse.  We are somewhat partial, within these walls,to the recipes and writings of Tamasin Day-Lewis, and this is her latest work.  It looks fabulous too, a rich mixture of recipes and memories.  We go back to Co Mayo, for summer fun; and to London for high tea at F&M with brother Daniel and granny.  And we learn about the festive routines of her late father Cecil.


But it’s the way it is published I really want to talk about; the first volume to arrive here, and certainly not the last, from Unbound, which I’ve mentioned before.  It’s crowd-funding, in these days when publishing is difficult, even for established authors.  And it’s a real book, a physical book, hard bound, full colour, and good to hold.  None of this download for a pound stuff.  It’s a nice one too; one I hope may not end up like most of Tamasin’s other volumes on the kitchen bookshelf, smeared with buttery fingers, scribbled in the margins, spine broken.  It’s too good for that.

Unbound, go on, have a look, a good one.  There’s proposed books on many subjects, by a variety of authors.  Play your cards right and your name can be there, for ever more, every future edition.  More importantly you can help the book make it to the shelf.  It’s a bit of a buzz when you find it coming through the door, encased in cardboard.  And if you see something you fancy reading, best pitch in, for otherwise it may never see the light of day, and you might not get another chance.

I’ve another one to come from Unbound, I hope.  For I’m keen to hear how Mr MacLean and Mr Danziger got on in Transnistria.  It’s making good progress, but needs a bit more help.  Go on, I’d like to see that on The Bedside Table, and to be able to tell you all about it.

Now Smart Tart, let’s just say I expect there to be no more soggy bottoms around Grasshopper Towers; none, that is, fresh out of the Rayburn.


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