Commonwealth Games

Or more rather Games of Commonwealth.  One day we’re buzzing about tickets going on sale, websites over-loaded, and the next being told You’re Out.  So this article over at Bella caught my eye, and as time is short for anything remotely creative I offer it up as reading material:

Commonwealth Games.

I have to say I do tend to agree.  It is not a bad club from which to be excluded, though it has to be noted that it is made up of nations becoming independent of London rule, and that’s not a bad body to aspire to join.

But I’ll not lose sleep over it either way, nor will I lose sleep over ticketing ballots or offer to pay £10 per second for a fleeting glimpse of Mr Bolt, should he decide to appear.

Oh no, for I’m more concerned with trivial matters; such as this one.  So why does it cost more to fill my oil tank than yours?  And I see The Genealogist’s finger twitching nervously over the On Switch now that Summer’s Over and The Urchins are being over-heated in the classroom.

So researches over heat pumps, solar panels and whatnots are on the burner once again.  You can keep your Commonwealth; I’ll have some Common Weal, please.


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