Witch Hunts

We need to talk about them.  Well one in particular actually.  The current target of our media gurus, the ones who like to think they decide what Scotland’s Future should be – and that is Labour for Independence.

If we are to believe what is written in the press, or aired over our screens or radios, then this group is nothing other than a covert SNP black-ops outfit, intent on destroying the Labour Party in Scotland, and in particular their role in the referendum process.  The Labour Party of course is fronting the No campaign as part of Better Together, campaigning with Tory funds and sharing platforms with their traditional rivals.  We’ve even had Alistair Darling, the Chancellor who presided over the destruction of the banking system which was the root cause of the recession that their new best pals, the blue tories, can’t bring to an end, addressing the Tory Conference, and earning himself a rare standing ovation.  That it came from the tories rather than his socialist chums will matter not a jot.  Labour and Tory, working together, intent on denying Scotland her own seat at the world table; just as they were intent on denying the people of Scotland the right to hold a referendum on the issue, until the people spoke.

In recent days we’ve had the media pouncing on ‘leaks’ from the BT campaign, in much the same way as they are often happy to read out or re-print Labour Party press releases and present them as fact, no queries required.

But it’s all been shown to be the sham that it is, these allegations that is, not LfI.  For LfI is a growing body, and one that will have a significant role to play in the next year or so.  Their aim is to bring Labour back to the people, back to the roots, the socialism – the principles that is, that New Labour, One Nation Labour, have left behind.  And the root to achieving that, at least in a Scottish context, is by gaining Independence, and thereby distance from the London control of the party that is crippling the socialist movement.

Now we’ve already seen how photographs were doctored to give the wrong impression, and screaming headlines of outrage.  But it hasn’t stopped there.

Two articles deserve to reach a wider audience.  The first appeared at Wings Over Scotland, where Stuart Campbell managed to do what the entire professional media seemed to find impossible, or perhaps didn’t want to do – he asked members of LfI what brought them to where they are today.  Go on, have a read.  Real stories, from real people, in their own words.

And then Newsnet Scotland went a little further.  More trickery with the photographs, economy with the truth.  This one needs read too.  For it shows exactly what is going on, what we are being fed, dressed up to be burnt at the stake.

So you see what our media are up to, what odds are stacked against the positivity of the Yes campaign, while the naysayers rumble depressingly on.  And they wonder why we don’t buy papers any more.

And what is even clearer is that Labour supporters, Labour members, are so hacked off with the direction of their own party that the only route they see to re-establish their principles, is in an independent Scotland.  It’s going to happen, no matter what the media say.


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