Britons and Germans

I had a dream.  Billy Bremner was in it, Willie Ormond too.

For no particular reason I tuned in to the first of the BBC’s German season, Das Auto, dozing lightly part of the way, wide awake at other times.

There was heaps of nostalgia, vintage Kraftwerk and Austin Allegros.  And those aerial shots of major intersections on the autobahn took me right almost a whole fortnight, to those same intersections that make driving on the continent so much easier as you switch from one major road to another without as much as changing gear.  Back here we’re still stuck with slip roads and roundabouts and traffic lights; invariably tailbacks and frustration and delay.

Oh yes it was all about Britain this and Britain that, and Michael Edwards riding in to save British Leyland as Red Robbo was out to save the workforce.  190,000, say that again it’s a lot of people, 190,000, were once employed in the motor industry in this country.  Then the Germans sent over the Golf, and we bought into the brand that is BMW.

It was an interesting programme, but it left me beelin’.  For being Germans they won the world cup, on home soil.  That angered me none at all, for I remember Gerd Muller, and Franz Beckenbaur, Berti Vogts too but that’s another story; and Uli Hoeness, in the news recently for some irregularities on the tax front.

But what angered me most, what had me dreaming, was being told that WE didn’t even qualify.  Now I remember 1974 well.  And I’m sure there was, for the first time, a team sent home undefeated from the group stages.  And WE had Brazil and Yugoslavia, but WE didn’t score enough against Zaire.  And Bremner missed the sitter of all sitters.

Was I dreaming in 1974, or were Scotland really at the world cup?  But it’s that old failing of the BBC and the establishment they represent, unable to make any distinction between Britain and England.  No wonder we had that astonishing result recently in the Anglesey by-election, the one for the Welsh Assembly which is the only part of these shores under Labour control.  And no wonder you heard little about it on the BBC.

For as Labour go out of their way to make themselves unelectable, leaving the people and the unions behind, we are left with the state-funded broadcaster and it’s close links to The Party.  Still with yet another anglo-centric programme the BBC will have added another few votes to the Yes cause.  Maybe they’ll do a series on Argentina soon; but that’s the stuff of nightmares, though at least, once again, We Were There to cause those nightmares.  Even the Dutch remember Archie Gemmell.

I’m glad to say I didn’t catch the other new programme at the weekend – I Love My Country – and you should be too.  By all accounts it was utterly dire; and adding to the Yes vote with each episode we suffer.  Good old BBC.  Just who is this WE of which you speak?


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