With Each Passing Year

…. it seems to get harder and harder to get back into routine after a holiday break.  A year ago I recall having a rant at the efforts of the UK Border Agency in pissing off every visitor to this country, every citizen returning from travels, before they even get on the road.  It was the same again at the docks in Hull this time round.  I cannot believe that UKBA manage to do in one hour what the Dutch authorities achieve in a quarter of that time – that is check the arrivals through from ferry to road.  And the Dutch manage to do it with smiles, politeness and warm welcomes.

Perhaps the Dutch don’t set themselves up to be exposed to increased threats, and can apply a light touch.  In theory their seaports are no different to ours, and of course there are no EU borders, but their shores are not hosts to a nuclear arsenal and they don’t enjoy a ‘special relationship’ with our friends across the Atlantic.

But at Hull its just endless yellow jackets and walkie-talkies, shifting cars from one queue to another.  Eventually passports are scanned and you find yourself on the road; where immediately you notice deteriorating standards, in road surface and in driving.  Home again.

What a depressing time it is, arriving home again.  And seemingly endless outbursts of torrential rain don’t help; especially when it starts to leak through the roof.  Within 24 hours of arrival I was quickly setting out pots and pans on a bedroom floor, when I really wanted to be filling them for dinner.  And let’s not talk about the mundane matters of laundry and overgrown gardens.  Or the mailbag.

But we’re getting there, slowly.  In less than two weeks time The Urchins will be back at school, and my time will be my own, to a slightly greater degree.  So it’s that round of re-stocking school-related supplies, and clothes.  The annual trip to the school shoe shop beckons.  But it won’t be this weekend, for they’re off, again, to the Northern Wastes.  It’s a break I usually enjoy, but the bike remains off the road and the garden needs hours with assorted machinery, if the rain stays away.  And there’s footie to attend.

But you know you’re back in the zone when you catch up on the usual sources of news and views.  The summer silly season is in full swing.  The latest furore is over Labour For Independence, a group I have mentioned from time to time.  It’s a group that has been significantly ignored by our written and broadcast media, until now.  They’re beginning to take notice, to try and create a hornets’ nest where one does not exist.

I’m not going to suggest you read what has been suggested on the probity of LFI.  Instead, and as usual, it’s over to Rev Stu at Wings to dispel the myths.

Oh yes, we’re firmly back in the swing of things now.  It’s amazing what you miss when you’re away.  And our media is most certainly not among them.



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2 responses to “With Each Passing Year

  1. I sympathise! No yellow jacket hold-ups embarking as foot passengers in Pompey, but if you want to walk to the nearest station don’t expect any sign posts! Foot passengers are a rarity I think, when it comes to road signs. But welcome back to pudding island!

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