I was going to tell you about Eric the other day.  He was the fine looking fellow in the photographs, the Burmese Python.  We’d better start with his full title, for he is Sqn Ldr Eric Aldrovandi retd.  He is retired because he racked up 25 years duty.  For all that time he was mascot to 14 Squadron, RAF, serving at Bruggen and Lossiemouth.

Despite being unable to stand up straight, you ‘orrible little….., rumoured to be as a result of drinking problems, Eric was able to stretch out to his full 15 feet in the arms of junior aircrew whether they liked it or not.  The information available does not confirm if his 8 inch girth is with or without half-ingested rabbit.

Those good chaps at the quartmaster stores provided a uniform.  Failure to be further promoted may be down to being seen as having a tendency to be lazy, inactive, idle and uninterested, and a bit of a slippery customer though one that wouldn’t let go once he got a grip of something.

Anyway 25 years is quite a long time, though he seems quite happy in his new abode where he is on public display, involved in education and available for handling sessions.  He’s been retired for a couple of years now, mainly as 14 Squadron disbanded for there are Tornados at Lossie no more.  Oh yes Eric is a victim of The Cuts, and quite possibly doing better than some of his former colleagues.


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