An article to read

This one from Newsnet Scotland deserves a wider audience, not that putting it here will make much difference. But it covers much more than the independence debate. It is about our media and it is about flag-waving, equally relevant in many parts of the entire country. It reads very well.

Sir Chris Hoy is but one example. Newspaper headlines are skewed, inference taken from sources which have not been scrutinised ,and the Green Goblin comes to mind again.

But given other flag-waving opportunities, at Woolwich barracks in the aftermath of horrific tragedy, and wider with local election swings and Farage’s trip to an Edinburgh pub which was somehow related to an Aberdeen by-election, it is clear the country is a-changing, or being so driven.

There’s more flag waving coming, WW1 in 2014 rather than 2018, union flags dusted down post Jubilee, post Olympics, and starting in Glasgow of all places.  Celebrate?  I think not.  Commemorate perhaps, at a stretch.

And the name of Foulkes crops up again, for he it was he brought the cybernat term to our screens, picked up gleefully by our editors, and he it is who continues to open his gob and prove beyond doubt what many have only suspected.

Hoy of course is perfectly entitled to his views, and to his vote assuming residence in Scotland these days.  But his fear over elite athlete facilities simply beggars the lie of the union dividend.  For what investment has there been in equivalent facilities outwith England’s green and pleasant lands?  Just something else to be on the negotiating table when we divvy up the spoils.

Another good read on the cybernat front comes from the unlikely source of the much-maligned, and rightly so, Eric Joyce MP.  But he’s penned a good article, worth a read.

And of late there’s much written about ‘foreigners’ – no not the scourge of Farage, but the  term that Labour in Scotland now puts about for their own family if they happen to live in England after 18 September 2014.  Yes I know it’s stupid, but….  Oh well that’s Labour for you, as Magrit makes a Curran of it, for foulkes-sake.

And there’s another article to read, for London is bleeding Scotland dry.  And even the Sunday Herald says so, so we can but assume that it’s so dry the pips have already squeaked.  I did tell you that the Jimmy Reid Foundations Common Weal was important didn’t I?  It’s their latest report that the Herald article covers.


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