Arra Slits and Trebuchets

It might not happen often, but when we do manage a day out, all together, and with sun aloft, we manage to do it quite well.

It’s not often you’ll read of Prometheus in these pages, but here he is, in sandstone, in chains, having his liver pecked by eagles, on the wall of a castle.

Prometheus, on these pages!

Prometheus, on these pages!

And it’s quite a castle, with more than a little still standing, waiting to be explored by little feet, quizzes in hand, pencil at the ready. It has a moat too, all the way round, entry by bridge or boat only, though I’ve managed to hide the moat in these views.

I see no moat

I see no moat

The surrounding woods are filled with bluebells, and deer and natterjack toads. There was a robin quite noisy too as we invaded his patch.

But what is most unusual about Caerlaverock, what makes it unique among castles on these isles, is that it has only three sides, or rather that it has alway had only three sides; for it is triangular. There are still steps to take up you up turrets, or down to the bakehouse. And you can look up, to where rib-vaulted ceilings remain.




With picnic tables and a wee adventure playground; an exhibitiion and the chance for the urchins to draw up their own coat of arms, on a shield, it’s just a right good day out. And we needed it.

And up there, at that stand of trees, the Romans had been before, and placed their fort.


It’s such a lovely part of the world.  When the castle has been wandered, the picnic packed away, there’s wetlands and boardwalks; bulrushes too and wildflowers among them.




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