Well did you see it, the report from Save the Children, their Mother’s Index?  This is the list of 176 nations on the best places to bring up children, which I think we’ll all agree is quite important.

Well on this list the mighty UK fails to make the top 20.  Just allow a few moments for that to sink in.  Happy with that are we?  Thought not.

And the top slots are all occupied by?  Who else but the Nordic Nations – remember that vision of the Common Weal?  And glance down the list and think what it is that Finland and Denmark, Norway and Netherlands, Iceland too, may have in common.  Wouldn’t you know it, they’re all small independent nations, with similar size and resources to this fine one of ours.

And down in 23rd place you’ll find the UK lurking in the company of Italy and Greece, finacial basket cases at the moment.  In fact both of them sit several places above the best that Westminster can do.  And the UK are better together with Estonia and Czech Republic, and the Scandinavians are where Scotland can be.

Now is that good enough for your children, or for the children your children will one day have?

The full article, from our friends at Yes Scotland, is well worth a read.  You might not find mention of the Mother’s Index in your usual news sources, for obvious reasons.

And it’s those reasons that prompted veteran journalist Ruth Wishart to add this fine article to National Collective – an outlet I’m proud to support – and to highlight just why we need to be raise the game, all of us.

Ruth highlights many things, including the bizarre side-lining of Isobel Fraser at the BBC, amongst others, and the descent into tribalism that is so apparent these days.

Some of it is understandable, after the years of minority administration peppered with hostility and opposition.  Well we know that Scotland’s people saw through that, and do so yet.  Good grief if even The Herald can slowly make the odd seismic shift or two, even with Gardham at the political helm, there must be some hope.

But then along comes a smart-twat on twitter after the pubs have closed, and it all goes downhill again.  And the sad thing about that episode is the position of a former First Minister, and now member of that most esteemed upper chamber down Westminster way – support your own regardless, and oppse the others just because – It Has To End

The only good tweeting I’ve seen today has been that fabulous Birdsong series.  There are times twittering should be left to the birds.


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  1. I can always trust you to do the hard work and keep me up to date with political shinanigins and goings on, whilst I sit and count how many times my sparrows deliver food to the nest box and fret about my struggling courgette seeds. I’m back, from the winter blues and a reviving trip to Greece. Thanks for your posts and info on our blog. Keep it up. Sarah

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