500 Days

The tumblers are counting down; getting close to the point where there’s a mere 500 days to go – for some reason I find myself humming 500 Miles as I type these notes.

Yes, it’s the referendum, and of course YES is the main word.  Seems a long time does 500 days, but you know things are hotting up when those pillars of society Have I Got News For You and The News Quiz get in on tha act, as they both did on Friday.

So we have sneering and condescension on the airwaves of the BBC.  But I don’t mind these ones for that’s what both programmes do, and do well.  I can put up with cockney gits playing to their audience, reading their scripts, and posh boys like Ian Hislop playing his role.  I didn’t find it funny, as it wasn’t, but irk me it did not.

But then they asked the audience – a wee show of hands as to whether we should be allowed to keep their pound.  Sorry boys, but it’s our pound too, bought and paid for.  And for all the gzillions of notes issued by Scottish-based banks in circulation, there is equivalent largesse deposited with the Bank of England.  But if you want us to remove those props from the BofE, and if you want to exclude all the oil transactions from the balance of payments that is so vital to sterling as a currency, then carry on.

It all just adds more votes to the Yes Campaign – so carry on sneering.

We can indeed bring back the groat.  Which takes us to something else small and round.  For on The News Quiz young Susan Calman was the most offensive of all, poking fun at her own.  For she is indeed a Scot, daughter indeed of Kenneth of that ilk, whose Commission in his name was the brainchild of the combined unionists, the one that was going to make Independence an irrelevance, and spawned the Scotland Bill which comes onto statute in 2016; unless, that is, we do something about it.

That said the father’s views are not necessarily those of the child, as I cringe at the thought of such a thought coming down my line.  But Susan is well known on our airwaves, not for being funny, but for not sitting on any fence at all.

Oh yes, it’s the BBC we’re on about, again.  And there’s a wee wander through Glasgow coming up soon –  a demand for a Balanced All-Inclusive Referendum Debate.

There was a good sign a few days ago when David Millar had a word with Labour’s Johann Lamont on Good Morning Scotland.  Coffee sprays on screens may have been many, for the woman is appalling, and proved herself a worthy successor to the much lamented Elmer Fudd.  Lamont is unable to think on her feet, work without a script.  And some see her as a leader of a nation.  Go on, listen in.  It’s the best thing on the BBC since Borgen, or since the final game of the Six Nations, or since, och I cannae think of any more.

And it’s not just the BBC, for just in, over at Wings, is this cracker; coverage in Canada.  But wait a minute it’s from Douglas Murray, a voice often heard on the airwaves of our favourite stae-funded broadcaster, famously in partnership with the totally offensive Ruth Deech.

Come on, time to Raise the Debate.  Time to march, again.  And don’t just take my word for it – here’s what Sir George Mathewson had to say.  And Craig Murray too, with a fine post.


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