Sometimes there are coincidences, and we know not why.  You may begin to hum a tune, seconds before it plays out from the wireless in the corner.  Or it may be deeper than that.

Now I know I have been a little quiet of late, and you may be thankful for that.  But I have been reading, and I have been reading of writing.  It has been long and slow, much like my cycling, but I’m nearly finished now.  It was a book I started a week or two ago, just before I ventured into The Big City, to hear the sorceress of the essay and to learn of life with penguins.

I was going to tell you about that session with Gavin Francis and Sara Wheeler, for they were both excellent.  The Doc brought his skiddoo mitts, all snoticle encrusted, and his boots that wouldn’t be out of place on the moon or whatever lunar landscape NASA can find for their photos and flags and footprints.

But instead I’m going to tell you of the spooky bit.  For the book I’ve been working through was not my usual fare.  It was A L Kennedy, of whose marvellous fiction I’ve so far read not a single word, for I was reading her treatise On Writing.

The Blog; on Workshops; the writer's life

We are indulged in a series from her periodic blogs for The Guardian.  Now that’s not a bad idea is it.  Write a blog, getting paid for it if you can.  Then pull the articles together in a book and sell them again.  But I do her an injustice for she gives us much more than that.

On Writing is the writer’s life, the angst, the hours of pain, and the poverty.  She delves into workshops, from the tutor’s angle, and the aims and achievements and sheer hard work.

But the spooky bit, where was I?  Oh yes, it was none other than said ALK, who has been gracing the bedside table for this past week or two, who was chairing that Antarctic discussion with Gavin and Sara.  And bloody good she was too, not that our intrepid travellers needed much encouragement to come out of their shells.

It was even worth missing half the the footie for.

Since then one of the things I’ve done is to add The Guardian’s Book Blog to my daily reading, throwing in a few comments on articles that grab my interest.  And having done that I’ve added a few more suggestions to the lists on your left hand side.  You might find some of interest.


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