Beyond Austerity Unionism

I have deliberately held my wheesht over funerary matters in recent days.  The television and radio has been off, as I simply could not stomach witnessing the waste of money and the gushing sycophancy.  But it is over.  This morning I read this:

Beyond Austerity Unionism.

It’s a fine article, especially when you consider the author to be a mere 26 years of age.

And of course the other ongoing rumpus is on the Dirty Money propping up the unionist campaign to keep Scotland funding Westminster, to haud her back so to speak.

Despite Labour MPs badging the source as manky when it topped up Tory coffers, Darling seems intent on keeping the dosh for the BT campaign.  Good, for that is a gift and every day the Yes campaign can legitimately raise the funding question.  It’s not just the dodgy source, but also that it comes from one without a vote – the category that both sides said they would limit to £500.  I guess it’s a simple matter to move the decimal point – what’s a scruple when half a million’s on the table.

Here’s the latest state of play at Wings Over Scotland on the subject of the deals behind the money, and what we can or can’t talk about.  National Collective meantime, are back on-line, heels dug in.  And NC have a petition running to try and ensure a fair referendum.  Sign up here.

Now did you notice the good news buried yesterday?  Unemployment figures – down in Scotland, but rising eleswhere.  Growth in the economy too.  Does that sound like Bad News to you.  Thankfully Rev Stu’s on the case, for some media outlets just cannot be relied upon.

And finally, just to lighten the funereal gloom, some biting satire from Newsnet’s wee dug.


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