It’s Quite a Day

There has been much debate on the radio in the past few hours, following the announcement of the passing of Baroness Thatcher.  I remember the 80s well; and I see today the legacy of the Right-to-Buy and of Capitalism.  There is precious little social housing.  Our utilities are largely foreign owned.  And a nation of share-owners and property speculators drove the bankers into bust and bust.  I’ll say no more.

But take a moment to view the different ways the news is highlighted over across these isles, all from our favourite broadcaster:

The English News

The English News

And in Norther Ireland

And in Norther Ireland

The Welsh Version

The Welsh Version

And finally those chippy Jocks:

Maggie Who?

Maggie Who?

As always I’m indebted to Rev Stu at Wings, but please, for your own sake, do not visit Guido Fawkes who is fawning even more than you might expect from former cabinet colleagues and right wing press.  And you can be assured that I’ll be giving the ceremonial bun-fight a wide berth.  I remember clearly watching the State Funeral of Churchill, mainly as it was the first time the school had been gathered together round a TV screen.  But my memories of Maggie are best not aired at this time.


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