Conference Time

It’s been a grand old time.  Finally we have a date in the diary, 18 September 2014.  Mark it down.

And as you do remember all those years when it didn’t seem even the remotest possibility;  recently even, in the euphoria of the first SNP government, in minority, with Alex Salmond as First Minister.  Those were the days when the combined London parties continually blocked the right of the people of Scotland being given their say.  There would be no referendum, said they.

So the people spoke again, and the impossible became a reality, majority government, and eventually the Edinburgh Agreement – consent from Cameron, and now the date when it finally will happen.  Monumental, though you wouldn’t think so if you’d listened to those same London parties in Holyrood last week when the announcement was made, or relied on the BBC for the magnitude of the occasion.  They gave the impression of it being just another day at the office, one deserving of their usual disdain.   Being able to circle the date on the calendar should stir the heart of every Scot, but not so Ms Lamont playing it down, contempt dripping from every sneer.  The woman embarrasses, more so even than Iain Grey hard though that is to believe.

So let’s have a look at what’s been happening:

Well the polls are reacting further, the signs good.  And there’s more from Newsnet, more polling, on Europe this time.

And being a Spring Conference, of the party in government, the state-funded broadcaster has been involved.  I haven’t been to Inverness, and I’ve seen and heard little.  Over at Wings, where else, there’s a fine analysis as to why.  For the BBC have given us waffle and soundbites, from the unionists’ favourite trend-setter, Prof John Curtice.  And Rev Stu exposes bias once again.  We need to get our media coverage sorted, long before 18 September 2014.  This is becoming increasingly of paramount importance.

And finally, here’s the narrative of the speech we didn’t hear, one of them anyway.  And it’s well worth a read, if only for seeing the words Salmond and trendy in the same place.  I’d like to hear Nicola Sturgeon’s address too, or at least read what she had to say.  Next time it may be best just to book a seat in the hall.  Aha, here it is now.  Read it and weep.  There is only one answer on 18 September 2014, and that is to vote positively.  Yes, Yes, Yes.

And just to finish with a smile, here’s some more of those campaign posters from Munguin.


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