And Now

for some good news.

Whilst all eyes today are on the Chancellor, all ears on what gloom he has in store for us, I thought I’d bring you a wee snippet of something that brought a much-needed smile.

A little bit of Scotland is heading to London in a couple of months time; and it’s a special bit.  For My Favourite Bookshop, oh yes Atkinson-Pryce on that fabulous high street of Biggar, has won the regional Independent Bookseller of the Year award.  Now the girls head south, on the shortlist for the national title.

There are seven others on the list, and I’ve put them on the radar if ever I’m in Wirral, or Reading, Limerick even.  But it’ll be a mighty fine shop that denies the lassies from Biggar the title, for A-P is a wonderful place to visit.  The shelves are hand-picked, or so it seems, and the coffee good too.  It’s the place The Urchins had to go back to, to collect their Wally award.

And I’m saving up my groats for a return.  Good luck in London.  I look forward to seeing the trophy on the shelf.


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